CAS Gender, Justice, Globalisation

In the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Gender, Justice, Globalisation a team of international experts introduces participants to the complex processes of globalisation which not only challenge global agendas of justice and human rights but also transform gender relations.

The main objective of the CAS is to provide people with the means to critically reflect the gender dimension of global power asymmetries. By introducing the participants to the basics of gender theories and discussing evidence-based accounts of globalisation as a gendered phenomenon, they will be encouraged to engage in key debates on gender, justice and globalisation. This will be facilitated by discussing political instruments and legal frameworks to address gender-based discrimination. Candidates will improve their analytical skills to work with gender concepts which will be applied in different thematic areas such as development, conflict and violence, cultural difference, human rights and governance. Not least, this CAS aims at supplying candidates with robust knowledge to underpin policy making in their personal professional fields.

The CAS Gender, Justice, Globalisation is designed for anyone who has an interest in gender issues. The programme is particularly relevant to professionals who are currently working in national and international organisations, including trade unions and non-governmental organisations in the fields of development, health and education, governance, peace building, human rights or intercultural relations.

The course language is English. Modules can also be attended separately.

The third round of the course started in February 2016 and will last until March 2017.