Women with disabilities: Barriers and enablers to socio-economic and political inclusion in Nepal


June 2021 – March 2022


Within the framework of the consultancy commissioned by the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), a "Photovoice" study will be carried out in Nepal, focusing on women with disabilities –especially from underrepresented/marginalised groups– with the aim of identifying factors that hinder or facilitate access to socio-economic and political life for these women in the country. Drawing on an intersectional and transdisciplinary research approach, the study will focus on the personal experiences of the study participants, who together with the local partner organisations will have the possibility to shape the thematic focus of the research process. Research participants will have the opportunity to photograph what they perceive in their daily lives as barriers or facilitators to their socio-economic and political inclusion. These images, together with the testimonies collected through a series of in-depth interviews, will form part of the final report that will serve advocacy purposes.

Link: "My lens my reality"