Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies

Titleimage: Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies

The ICFG was conceived as a comprehensive network of disciplines. As such, it bundles the gender competencies of the University of Bern and works as a competence center for inter- and transdisciplinary gender research at the interface between academia and practice. Professors from various disciplines and faculties are actively involved in the center's activities and students with various disciplinary backgrounds complete their studies in gender research here. The Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (ICFG) focuses on socio-politically relevant issues from a gender point of view, mainly in the five areas "Gender & Development", "Human Rights & Discrimination", "Gender Equality & Gender Mainstreaming", "Poverty & Vulnerability" and "Care". The ICFG has taken on numerous mandates and advisory duties in these areas in recent years and has made a name for itself on the international stage with innovative products.

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